A Woman's Guide To keeping Mechanics Honest

  • Benefits of having a copy of Diagnose My Ride:
  • keep mechanics honest by speaking “Mechanic speak”.
  • Save money –  most bulbs and filters take 5 minutes or less and can be purchased at all major discount grocery store supercenters.
  • Save time by not having to wait for mechanics to fit your vehicle in for routine parts replacements.
  • Keep vehicles running better and lasting longer by checking and keeping the proper amount of fluids in them.
  • Easy tips for keeping vehicles looking new
  • And more…
Book Options:
  • Book – can be purchased below or order from Amazon.  The book can be kept in the glove compartment when needed.  Write vehicle information for quick reference.
  • Interactive Download – book can be download to a smartphone for quick access.  Store vehicle information for quick reference and record keeping.

Problem - poor fuel mileage, losing oil

My fuel mileage has been dropping, it runs rough when idling and I am losing oil, I think my PCV valve may need to be replaced.

Excerpts From Diagnose My Ride

Engine runs rough

  • When idling                        48,58
  • When driving                         48,58
  • Smokes when accelerating 64,92

Losing fluids

  • Brake fluid                                     56
  • Coolant                                           67
  • Engine oil                                   63
  • Power steering fluid                    75
  • Transmission fluid                       89