About Tarance

1976 Graduate Florida A & M University

I have always had an interest in automobiles and at the age of 9, my first love was the 1964 ½ Ford Mustang while looking through a magazine.

Although the information was not as readily available then as it is now, I followed this car through time, knowing the specs on each engine made available for each model year.

As time passed, every chance I could get to work on the family car I was there, ready to turn a wrench to help the car run at its peak.

Over time I became the family mechanic, diagnosing, tuning, and replacing defective parts when needed.

My very first car was a 1973 Ford Maverick that, like many Fords during that time required being warmed up before driving, especially when it was cold.

Since we were a Ford family, we were all experiencing the same problem; if the engine weren’t warmed to operating temperature they would hesitate when accelerating.  I took the car to the dealership several times for this problem and was not able to solve the problem, so I experimented with the points and discovered opening them a mm wider than Ford recommended and the hesitation stopped.

Through the years I have been the automotive whisper for family friends and coworkers and saved them thousands of dollars by diagnosing any issues they are having, setting expectations, and avoiding unnecessary repairs.

My inspiration for writing Diagnose My Ride finally came after speaking to a young lady who paid her trusted mechanic $65 to replace one tail light bulb (a 5-minute repair).  Bulbs have a life expectancy; the mechanic should have replaced both but opted to earn an additional $65 when the second bulb went out.