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Benefits of Diagnose My Ride:

    • Prevent premature breakdowns.
    • Keep mechanics honest by using knowledgeable terms.
    • Save money –  purchase replacement parts from discount grocery store supercenters.
    • Save time – since most replacement parts are designed for easy removal and installation, why not spend 5 minutes at home, replacing parts, instead of hours to pay a mechanic to replace easy to install parts. 
    • Tips for keeping vehicles looking new.
    • And more…
Book Options:
    • Book – can be purchased below or ordered from Amazon.  The book can be kept in the glove compartment for use when needed.  Inside you will find a section for writing vehicle information for quick reference when purchasing items.
    • PDF Download – can be downloaded to a smartphone for quick access.  Type vehicle information into your PDF book for quick reference when purchasing items and record keeping.  Click below to see how easy it is to use the interactive PDF version.

Download Today

Contents of the book and interactive download includes:

      • DIY Preventive Maintenance
      • Trouble Shooting
      • General Auto Cleaning
      • Life expectancy of parts
      • Necessarize your ride
      • Definitions

Interactive Download –  downloaded to your smartphone for instant access.  

Interactive features allow you to;

  •  Input vehicle data for future use;
  • Click on conditions you may be experiencing and
  • Click on definitions so you can know specifically what the mechanic is describing to you.

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Take a ride with me to see How Diagnose My Ride Works


Introduction To Up Sell Ripoff 101

Melody R, – I met Tarance while waiting for my car to be serviced at —- dealership. We were sitting next to each other when the service technician explained his findings after inspecting my car.  He suggested I replace my brakes because sooner or later I was going to have to,  and since I was there, now would be a good time to do so.

After the mechanic left, Tarance asked how many miles were on my car I said a little over 25,000; so he asked what type of driving I do, which is mostly highway.  He suggested asking the service technician what was the thickness of my brake pads. padding was left on the pads.  After he answered, we determined that I could drive an additional 20,000 miles based on my driving pattern before having to consider having the brakes replaced.  Thanks to our conversation, Tarance saved me $203.

Carolyn Y – One day I casually mentioned to Tarance about having to take my car to the shop to replace a blown tail light bulb.  He said why not change them yourself and save money and time. 

I said I don’t know how to change a bulb, so we walked to my car, opened the trunk, and he showed me how to change the bulbs and suggested I replace both because when one goes out the other will soon.

I told him I was waiting for payday because the last time I replaced a bulb it cost me$50.  I discovered changing bulbs was not as difficult as I thought it would have been and changed them myself and saved $46.

Patricia G – A few years ago Tarance accompanied me to to the dealership for its 20,000-mile check-up.  The technician inspected my car and suggested aligning the tires on the car; and when he asked if it needed an alignment, the mechanic looked surprised and in typical Tarance fashion, he said show me why the wheels needed to be aligned.    

The mechanic had nothing to show him how he drew the conclusion the car needed an alignment and he said all 4 tires showed no beginning signs of tire wear.  By the way, he is my husband and because he drives the car, he said he didn’t feel the car pulling to one side or the other, so we elected not to have the wheels aligned.  I drove the car for a couple of more years before trading it and the tires gave no problems, nor showed any signs of the usual tire wear caused by being misaligned.  Thanks to Tarance being with me I saved $248.00.

Ruby D – I have known Tarance for a number of years and whenever I have a problem with my car I discuss it with him first.  Each time I say I have a problem, he will ask me questions before making a diagnosis as to what may be happening.

Tarance is always spot on with what the problem is and what’s required to fix it.

Although I have been blessed with finding a mechanic that is honest is comforting having a friend that I can talk to before making repairs.